Welcome to Peter Gale Headteacher Blog!

Here we are going to post the latest news and updates on education, learning, and the teaching profession in general. Peter Gale Headteacher is a retired head teacher of Nonsuch High School for Girls. Before coming to Nonsuch, he was the deputy headmaster at Epsom’s Roseberry School.

Peter Gale - WP.jpg

He used to be responsible for curriculum, timetabling and data there. The school used to have female headmistresses before and Mr. Gale was the very first male headmaster to have served the institution.

Before the commencement of his stint as Nonsuch’s headmaster in September 2013, he was also part of the executive team at the George Abbott School which was located in Guildford.

Watch the video below to know more.

His term as Nonsuch’s headmaster has been viewed to be a time of numerous positive changes which have greatly benefited the schools, its faculty, and its students. Learn more about Peter Gale Headteacher on his website here. You can also check out Peter Gale Headteacher on YouTube here.


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