Peter Gale Discusses Why People Want to Teach and Why They Quit

A Look at the Upsides and Downside of the Teaching Profession

Peter Gale is an educational professional whose skills in educational leadership led him to be a part of numerous institutions, where he made a mark in terms of improving the system. He has been in the field for 20 years and out of these years of experience, he has brought about numerous positive changes in the institutions that he was a part of. Over the years, he had been an inspector, an education consultant, and a head teacher.

Statistics show that about two-fifths of teachers quit the job within just the very first five years but no one seems to be quite sure where this is rooted from. Recent research, however, seems to suggest that there seems to be some truth in these numbers. A recent survey by the ATL or Association of Teachers and lecturers show that of those who were surveyed, 76% have been considering the idea of quitting the job due to the heavy workloads. About 54% also stated that they do not really see themselves teaching in the next ten years.

There are a number of reasons why many often quite the job. With heavy workloads at the top, it seems that there is a consensus among teachers that the profession involves a lot of hard work, and no may are really willing to put in that much effort, especially if this means having to deal with a lopsided work-life balance.

It does not help that the press seems to be bashing teachers every chance they can. A lot of teachers feel that they are really not being valued which can lead to quitting the job in the long run. It does not help too that there seems to be a constant slew of changes introduced in the terms and conditions of the profession. From dramatic changes to the curriculum to the A-level and GCSE reforms to changes in pay structures, sometimes, there is too much that has been happened that it may be hard for teachers to just adjust.

Peter Gale

Of course, this does not mean that all is bleak and dark with the profession. There are still a number of people that want to pursue a career in the profession. For instance, there are those who are generally interested to work in a job where they can be with young people and where they can make a difference by teaching them.

There are those that like the variety that the job offers. Most teachers who are truly passionate about the profession cite that the fact that no two days will ever be the same makes it exciting and keeps them on their toes all the time. These are the same people who believe that teaching is fun and that it is inspiring too. Many find that they seem to also grow as they guide their students along the way.

Some people do choose to be in the teaching profession because they love their subject and are passionate about sharing what they know to others. Teachers who know their subject very well and those that tend to have really good quality instructions are often the ones that like to stick around and to stay in the job for a long time. Learn more about the teaching profession and the education system by reading about Peter Gale here. You can also like Peter Gale Facebook page here and learn more about Peter Gale career here.



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