Peter Gale Teacher Explains the Need to Tackle Skills Shortage in British Schools

Why a Head-On Approach is Essential in Handling the Ever-Growing Problem


Read the latest Peter Gale blog. Peter Gale is a Surrey-based education professional who has built a career effecting numerous positive changes in the institutions that he had been a part of.  A passionate educator, he has taken on several roles in his stint in the education sector and has more than 2 decades of experience in change management, educational leadership, coaching, data analysis, public policy, and strategic planning. A passionate educator, he has devoted a great deal of his career towards improving the system.

To a school, its greatest resource will always be its staff. It is quite unfortunate that in most school environment these days, it is fast becoming more and more difficult to recruit a good teaching stuff as well as retain them. This situation has only gotten worse over time and there is certainly a need to tackle this problem head-on before it becomes a full-blown crisis.

Latest research reveals that about 79% of MAT leaders along with 83% of teachers think that skills shortage which is being experienced in the teaching profession is only likely to worsen in the next three years. This is despite the workload management toolkit and the announced pay increase. In addition, the lack of teachers who are highly-skilled seems to just worsen.

Peter Gale Teacher

Probably one of the issues on why the traditional recruitment methods are not as effective is because they tend to be too short-term. The transactional approach means that there are going to be different agencies that are just going to do the work of matching qualified people in relation to the number of available vacancies. The reason why this does not really address the lack of teachers is because they tend to address the need for the short-term only.

A clearer vision is needed in order to for teachers to fit into their role more effectively. For instance, it would help if toolkits and other resources that will allow teachers to hit the grand running even on their first day on the job available at their fingertips is a good idea. In addition, it would also help improve outcomes in terms of the students.

It would help for recruiters to also maintain a supply pool of teachers that they can just call in to fill the gaps whenever needed. There needs to be a talent pool that is not only working but evolving too that is made up of suitably experienced and qualified teachers to ensure that gaps will be filled up as soon as possible.

Academies and MATs can certainly benefit from the presence of a temporary workforce that will have a clear understanding of their approach, values, and needs. Managed service recruitment can be a good solution towards attracting temporary workers, engaging them, and managing them successfully. This can be a great opportunity to transform many a school’s recruitment process while also encouraging agencies to do what they can to rise up to the challenge. Schools will also be better equipped in providing support to their pupils while enabling them to reach their potential when they have easy access to a source of teachers that is reliable, high-quality, and focused. Learn more about the state of the education sector by reading  Peter Gale teacher online here.  You can also follow the Peter Gale teacher Twitter page here and read Peter Gale teacher news here



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